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  • 11.27.2019

Today, we are spotlighting our Paige HVAC Thermostat Wire. This wire is 100% compliant with industry standards. Its credentials include being a Type CL2, ETL Listed, RoHS compliant, and it meets the UL 1685 Vertical Flame Test. It also has an 18awg solid copper conductor and is available with 2-8 conductors. But, beyond these industry standards, what makes this product truly special is the “countdown footage marking per spool”. 

The countdown footage marking on every spool leads to less waste, a faster install and more cost savings! You will always know how much wire is left on the spool! For the 18/2 and 18/3 Paige HVAC Thermostat Wires, the countdown footage marking is from 500ft - 1ft.  For 18/4 and above, the countdown footage markings are 250ft - 1ft. Overall, the countdown footage marking feature makes organizations more efficient, keeping thermostats running smoothly and people happy.   

With Paige HVAC Thermostat wire, you will always know how much is left on the spool! And, you will have your thermostats running smoothly on 100% compliant, efficient, built-to-last wire. With over 60 years of experience from our legacy company, you can expect the most durable and effective products on the market from Paige HVAC Products. To learn more about how Paige HVAC Thermostat Wire can create efficiencies in your organization, click here.

Tom joined Paige as the Business Development Manager in August of 2018. He brings with him 20+ years of experience in the wire and cable industry. With a solution sales emphasis, he has deep industry knowledge in the Low Voltage, Industrial and OEM business segments. He has proven leadership in sales and business development, with extensive experience in building territories, markets, and divisions. He is a results-driven Business Development Manager, expanding markets and bringing value to clients.
Tom Sperelakis
Director of Paige HVAC Products


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