We understand HVAC

With years of experience and a top-notch team of experts, we are leading the industry in compliant and effective wire and cable products.

Paige HVAC Products brings a wide range of wire & accessory products to HVAC installations that promote increased efficiencies in cost-savings and product longevity.

Our experts are constantly studying the latest codes and sustainability advancements to ensure that all products are engineered to achieve 100% industry compliance and keep our environment in mind. We are meticulous and proud of it.

We Are:

  • A Team of HVAC Experts
  • 100% Industry-Standard Compliant
  • Environmentally-Minded
  • Leaders and Innovators for Wire and Cable Products in the HVAC Space
  • Flexible in Creating Business Solutions that Fit Your Needs 
  • Customer-Focused in Designing Programs that Work for You
  • Driven by Customer Satisfaction

We Maintain:

  • Compliance within the Changing Industry Standards
  • A Large Catalog of Products Offered for the HVAC Channel
  • Industry Education and Innovation
  • Coast-to-Coast Service and Distribution 
  • Personalized, Always-On Customer Service

We Deliver:

  • Fast, Same-Day Shipping
  • Quality, Durable HVAC Products
  • International Export and Distribution Expertise

Paige HVAC Products is employee-owned and managed, and remains committed to bringing the highest level of service and reliability to every customer, regardless of size.

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Our Vision:

Paige HVAC Products aims to be a leading supplier for the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry, providing exceptional service and supplying compliant and innovative products that increase efficiencies in our client’s businesses.

Our Leaders

Jim Coleman has been on the executive management team at Paige since 2016 and serves as the CEO for Paige DataCom Solutions and Paige. He has over 40 years of industry-specific expertise. Jim’s professional experience began at Coleman Cable Systems. In 1996, he founded Genesis Cable Systems. Jim served as CEO until Genesis sold to Honeywell in 2004, when he transitioned to global head of business development. He later co-founded a private equity firm called Generation 3 Capital. Today, Jim serves on the board of directors for Paige, Fluidmesh Networks, and the Children’s Brittle Bone Foundation.

Jim Coleman
Tom joined Paige as the Business Development Manager in August of 2018. He brings with him 20+ years of experience in the wire and cable industry. With a solution sales emphasis, he has deep industry knowledge in the Low Voltage, Industrial and OEM business segments. He has proven leadership in sales and business development, with extensive experience in building territories, markets, and divisions. He is a results-driven Business Development Manager, expanding markets and bringing value to clients.
Thomas Sperelakis
Director of Paige HVAC Products

Andy Pluister joined Paige Electric as Vice President of Engineering in 2017. Andy brings 25 years of experience in Datacom and Low Voltage Wiring. Andy has worked for major manufacturers in the industry in various roles in R&D, operations and marketing. He has been instrumental in the development of numerous industry-leading products with his passion for innovation. Andy champions various industry standards organizations including UL, NEMA, TIA, ICEA, and IEEE, and is an industry thought leader. He holds both product and equipment patents.

Andy Pluister
VP of Engineering

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